Thursday, May 28, 2015

Help T-24, Save Ustad

Today wrote an article on the ongoing campaign 'HelpT24, Save Ustad' for HT, Agra. (Check the link for more information and help the terrorized tiger! 

Meet USTAD and hear his story

A 9 year old Tiger, whose address use to be the wilds of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, currently living on the hot sand bed of Udaipur Zoo. The Tiger's (T24 - Ustad) territory was of more than 40 Sq Kms. In past since 2010 this tiger has killed 3 people. Unfortunately every time it was human interference and had killed for defense. on 8th May 2015 one of the guard who was posted on the entry gate went in the forest and was attacked by Tiger. 

No one was near by, and after an hrs when his body was found then forest guards went in to inquire. There they found Ustad sniffing. So just to make the things easy they passed the blame on him that he has attacked and killed the guard Gheesu. Experts says this was done by his son T-72 (Sultan) coz at the time of attack ustad was sighted bit far. Animal lovers are also not convinced with the story.

A campaign was initiated across India, and a page is also created on Facebook with the name ‘HelpT24’. According to the experts, a tiger could only consider as man-eater when he killed the person and eat the corpse but in this case, officials recovered intact dead body of the forest officers.

In hush to clear the case, officials declared Ustad as Man eater ignoring all the set procedure and guidelines and decides to shift him in Udaipur zoo. After all the protests forest minister and other high officials gave the statement that without proper investigation tiger won't be relocated.

(Later it was disclosed that hotel lobby bribed and pressured the forest department for this. The tiger seems threat for their business. He was tranquilized when he was having his meal with his mate and 2 young cubs. This campaign is not only for him but also for his mate T19 (Noor) and 2 young cubs. Another male who will take over his royal territory will definitely kill his  2 young cubs and in saving them even tigress can get seriously injured.) -  As told by Harsh Agarwal, Wildlife Lover

The territory that use to be 40 Sq km for Ustad now confined to 40 mts. As reported, few months ago in the same cage one tiger died because of infection. To remove the ‘man-eater’ tag from T-24 tiger ‘Ustad’ and to bring him back at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve from the Udaipur Zoo, wildlife lovers initiated a campaign, where they travel place to place and aware people about the issue, organizing Candle march and protesting in front of Agra Fort. 

Animal lovers are against the decision. He is a wild tiger and may not be able to adjust in zoo. Tiger is also a father of the cub and if forest department shift him then what will happen with the cub, as we all know in wild, tigers try to kill other tiger’s cubs to become the Alpha Male!

Dear all, please do help the tiger by showing your concern. Find the page on FB and show your support! Thanks for reading :)


Published article in HT

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Naturopathy: It's nature's way!

To combat the health problems in the hot and unpleasing summers, people are opting cooler ways such as Yoga and Naturopathy to stay healthy and fit.

One of the most amazing thing about the present time is that today we live in such a world in which most people know about their interior parts of their cars and working capacity of their computers, more, but they don't know what's going on beneath the surface of their own bodies.

Yoga practitioner and generally most of the people in India, believes that, God had created human body as temple of worship, but we abuse and misuse this unique life hence suffer a lot with different types and combinations of diseases and troubles. They believe that unless we follow the nature closely, we will keep on suffering.

Accumulation of foreign waste matter in the body is the basic cause of all diseases. Symptoms like constipation, indigestion, flatulence, acidity, etc are the warnings that body is not healthy. And the befitting reply to stay healthy is, NATUROPATHY. More than 90 percent of the diseases are self created and easily treatable, if we follow the nature's rule. Naturopathy is not the treatment but a way of life. 

Naturopathy is a method of treatment by natural products, such as using mud, hot and cold bath, fruits and herbs juice etc that help the body to get rid of toxin, which entered in body due to junk food and unhealthy lifestyle. These days natural methods that are attracting the mass are mud therapy, hydrotherapy, cleansing drinks, detoxification with enema, fasting, exercise, etc. 

For the those who wanted to reduce their weight should know that, naturopathy sometimes reduce as much as 5 kg in a month, which is  according to me is super cool. After the treatment and detoxification, natural diet should be followed. Cleansing and healing by nature is the best cure. If you suppress the acute conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying the foundation for chronic diseases. So better is to uproot the disease completely. 

Hope you guys get motivated... tell me if any one you are already taking such treatments... share your story in the comment section! Thanks for reading... stay healthy :) 


Friday, May 22, 2015

protect 'Biodiversity'

On the same date, 8 years back, I took a decision to be an environmentalist, on the occasion of 'International Day for Biodiversity' and took a pledge to honor the biodiversity, environment and every single species on earth!

This was a rather a small step in the world of great environmentalists but after the decision, my life and my perspective to look at the nature has completely changed (for example, am a vegan now)!

Well back to the topic; today's blog is about the International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) and its significance. The day is observed to honor all the animal and plant species, by signifying their importance under different themes. This year’s theme of the IDB is – Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.

So the major questions are:

Why biodiversity is important for us?
How can biodiversity be preserved in a world in which traditional ecosystems are increasingly being displaced by 'man-made nature'?

Biodiversity is an important part of making life livable on Earth. It provides us with an array of foods and materials. Simply put, biodiversity is life or one can say it anchors nature’s life support system. Biodiversity, protects the species that are ecologically significant and it restore habitats that have been degraded.

and how one can protect the biodiversity... It's rather simple by respecting nature, by taking care of biodiversity, by reducing the waste, by saving water, by using solar energy... in short by taking small steps of conservation every day!

let's hear it from the experts also: 

Marine Biologist SR Sumant describes biodiversity as the most vital things for life. According to Sumant, “Conserve biodiversity if you wanted to eat, breathe and live on the planet. Though global warming is a geological process we cannot put the complete blame of our suffering on the geological time scale, we need to save the earth for better living.”


Sumant added that, “Biodiversity day could be another date in the calendar but we should pledge everyday for sustainable living with better scientific knowledge to steer clear of further deterioration of the living systems on the planet.”


Pankaj Koparde, Program Fellow Officer at Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, said, “This day is especial for us because we celebrate our real wealth on the day. Biodiversity is our true companion on the planet. We should respect and care for our biodiversity and biodiversity will save us in future.”

Kanika Srivastava, Environmental enthusiast shared her views with HT and said, “We should understand that all the species are made up of the same elements, have similar biological systems and are deeply interconnected genetically and are interdependent ecologically.”


Kanika further added, “Saving other species literally means saving our own future. Life is the sole essence of beauty and wonder on this planet. We must value life in every form and have compassion for our rich biodiversity.”

Thanks for reading... let's celebrate the day and pledge to protect mother nature!


Monday, May 18, 2015

River-Connect to save Yamuna

Hey guys, today's post is dedicated to the awesome people, who are trying to save River Yamuna! People come and go but those who are actually doing something, deserve a salute!! Today lets talk a programme that strengthen the connection between River and us!

After emerging from Yamunotri, River Yamuna, struggle for keeping her existence as pure as possible but by reaching Agra it turned into a big mess. The journey of Yamuna begin with purity and in Agra, people are also trying to maintain her status! 

As part of the Yamuna conservation, ‘River Connect’ campaign was also initiated in Agra by the intellectuals. River-Connect is a wide reaching community project, which connect various partners, such as local people, environmentalists with the river. Agarites also begin ‘River Connect’ drive to make people aware about the importance of Yamuna... Environmentalists and public together worship River Yamuna and performed ‘Aarti’ on Yamuna ghat...

The 'Save Yamuna' demand is quite old and people are using different ways to protect the mighty river. By doing the regular ‘Aartis’ people are actually trying to connect with the river. Grand aartis are being performed on various ghats, on special occasion. Recently 501 earthen lamps were enlightened on the ghat as part of worship.

People consider Yamuna as a goddess and shameful that once use to be the source of pure water, now Yamuna fighting for her existence. Worshipping Yamuna is an ancient practice and for conserving the river, Agraites begin the century old practice again. The ‘River Connect’ campaign is one of the steps, towards making the River Yamuna, healthy again.

Intellects from various educational centers, members of clubs and NGOs, religious people and environmentalists are participating in the Aartis regularly, which according to me is fabulous experience. If you are visiting Agra, do visit Ambedkar Setu and join hands for the excellent cause!!

Thanks for reading, stay connected for more :)  


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beautiful designs in Nature's bounty

Nature is mother of all inventions. Birds’ nests, spider webs are some of the examples that inspired people for the designing various commodities, including houses, nets etc. Professionals from various fields including architects, engineers and even conservationists use these natural ideas for designing. 

Nest pattern of the Baya bird is quite unique. It stitched the nest using threads and grass. A nest use to have at least two compartments or room like structure. One room is for egg or chicks and other is just a mock room for safety purposes.

The unique Baya nest inspired many for making such unique patterns in houses. The nests not only looks beautiful but it is a finest example of architecture. Turtle back is another example of a distinctive pattern. The back inspired many to create the cottage roof, table surfaces or vases design that have the shades and marks, just identical like turtle back.

Fishing net design is also inspired from spider web but not only nets, some of the finer architecture of the buildings of the ancient eras as well as modern towns are also inspired from the nature. Leaf shape Dubai island houses could be one example. The reason why people use the nature as the inspiration is because nature has some of the best pattern in the world, that soothes everyone.

Termite mound is the best example of a building. Termites made mounds that have shapes that resembled castles or forts. Mounds are not only strong but also architecturally, best for living. They have so many sections that used by the termites for food storage, eggs lying etc. Mounds also have narrow to broad tunnels which hardly got affected in case of storms.

Different bird nests, Beehives, grapevines, large trees are also some examples that are being used by the designers to create wonderful designs.

Hope you all are liking my stories.. Keep reading the blog for more! Have a nice time ahead :)


Monday, May 11, 2015

Product Review: Avon

When I started my blog four years ago (has it seriously been FOUR years?), I focused a lot on travelling post and reviewing products. My blog was new, and I was so excited to share my experiences of places and products that I had discovered along the way.

I don't try as many new products as I used to, but every once in awhile I find products worthy of sharing---and to continuou the trend; today I'm sharing a few products that did work out for me and I can easily recommend it to anyone.

The story began in December, one of my best friend gifted me a new perfume (so sweet she is). I used that perfume just a tad bit and assured her to give a detail review later. I actually liked the scent so I enquired more about the brand! 

Avon Perfumes --- she said, and asked me to try another fragrance of the brand. Femme is the name of the perfume, that I tried and I can only use one word for it, it FAB :) She told me that Avon also has a range of beauty products and I should try some of them. 

I ordered few products and today I am going to give a review of  those products that really really really suits me. 

First let me introduce the Orchid and Blue Berry Shower Gel. The gel is a bliss! the scent is perfect and long lasting, the texture is so soft and soothing. Recommended for everyone! It comes in the naturals body care range of the Avon and just perfect for the summers.

Another product is Naturals Carbon Deep Clear Cleanser. Having a full time outdoor job and regular contact with sun, dust and what not made my skin really unhealthy. Face washes works but not as much as they suppose to and this cleanser is come for my rescue! It is cream based and one suppose to apply it using fingertips and clean out using cotton pad or tissue.

And last but not the least Complete Balance Oil Control Mattifying Toner. The toner keeps the oil under control and very refreshing for the skin. It removes the last traces of cleanser, dirt and make up. I even used on my acnes and no irritation appears whatsoever. What I felt is my acnes reduces after using this toner. Totally worth the price. 

So these are my favorites from AVON so far. Would review more and let you guys know! Thank you for reading!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

When Animals also say - Happy Mother's Day

Motherly love and the feeling attached with it, is not restricted to the humans only but wide spread even among animals kingdom. Behaviors such as nesting, feeding and camouflaging in animals are part of parental care which is evident in several species.

A mother loves her children equally and protect each one as much as she can :)

Animal do as much care as humans do for their progenies. Prominent parental behavior in animals including making nest for the eggs and chicks to teaching, how to fly, is a long chain of process to show concern for the young ones.

In animals, motherly love emerged with the birth of the new born. In case of monkeys the whole kin support the baby but it is whole time job of mother to carry her baby, to feed the baby and to clean it. One can witness all colors of motherly love in animals; they can't talk but they express as much as we humans do!

Bird is so protective about her eggs and chicks. A mother bird even chased dogs and foxes and such predators and literally attack the predators that are usually five to ten times bigger than the birds, just to save her babies.

Birds and many other animals’ species have the capacity to camouflage. Usually female birds are dull in colors or at least have lighter shade feathers; this is because they have to protect their chicks from predators. Birds usually shade their feathers in nest to make it comfortable for chicks. Other animals like squirrels and rabbits collect cotton and cloth pieces to make the den perfect!

If you look closely, you may find that animals use some of the best techniques to raise their cubs or chicks which even includes delicious three times meals. Thanks for reading and Happy Mothers Day to all the moms :)