Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yay, its my birthday :)

Yay, its my birthday :) and the birthday messages started rolling in the second the clock hit midnight. My 27th year of life has officially begun.

Every year on my birthday I go back through this blog's archive and re-read the posts I've written. It's a bizarre trip down my public memory lane. While reading I am thinking about my 26th year and how fast it flew by.

I've been thinking a lot about where I am and where I wished to be last year... wishes versus reality. Last year I was wishing too hard to be get placed as a naturalist or biologist in any national park or wildlife sanctuary... somewhere exotic... and here I m working for media (Hindustan Times), in my home town only.

Last time I also said, I want to finish all the half read books, I want to throw a classic party and I want to learn many many many things but here I am, facing reality, its me only, upgraded a little in my known things but I can't claim any new hobby whatsoever.

This year however no special plans on my birthday, like I am not going to the spa to relax, not planning for a gigantic dinner with friends or family, not going to read all day and do nothing. This year it would be me, my workstation, friends in office... seems more real to me :) so at the end, reality wins :) 

Well either way, I'm happy, grateful, and lucky to have many important things in my life. Today I have my parents around, some really good friends, a career that I absolutely love.. what else one can ask for?

A few of the highlights that happen in my year 26
Got new friends
Submitted my PhD (finally)
Joined Hindustan Times
All the holidays I spent at Home with family
Started wearing lots of colors in my daily outfit
Got appreciations on my articles

And yes I also got a surprize birthday cake from Mom-Dad and Brother's side :) love them so much! :) :) 

Thanks for reading... keep me in your prayers! 


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Confessions :)

Hi :) to all... New year is still happy and to make it happier I have pledge to take care of myself.. why myself?? Because in the usual running ahead of time activity we are ignoring our selves. The New Year is as good of a time as ever to confess that I haven't treated myself as special as I use to do about a year ago.

For the starters, I completely lacking in my skincare routine, keeping it as low-key as, three-product routine face wash, moisturizer and acne cream (when needed) that anything more than that felt like a lot of work.

I used to use exfoliators, toners, creams, eye creams, a scrub pack, mask etc as per needed. I liked taking care of my skin but with PhD thesis submission, new job's routine, late bedtimes and a busy family life made it all too convenient to be lazy with my skincare routine. Today after nearly two years of having the laziest skincare routine in all, I decided it was time to start incorporate some products back into my routine.

Second concern goes to my reading habit. Whatever happen to my ready to read anything and everything behavior. If you know me personally, you'll understand how hard it is for me to stay away from books. I literally have a little library in my room, but I am not able to add anything good in my shelve since past one year. 

I badly need some suggestions. Any good book, interesting novel, rich text poetry, anything will do. I need to pick up my reading glasses again, and be ready to dive in the world of fictional characters.

Adding fruits in my regular diet is one thing that I need to remind myself every now and then. Why I can't eat at least one fruit everyday, is it so hard? Well yes, least for me! But that doesn't mean that I gave up.. not this time..  

Tell me those habits which you wanna change or wants to resurface... confessions are good, if they lead you towards something positive :) Thanks for reading :)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year :) Enjoy '2015'

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers :) Thank you for your comments, suggestions, post demands... each 'like and share' matters to me!  After all the fun in '14, I am ready for to have a jumpy start of 2015.

Around 15 years back we were shouting about new millennium and 3 years (Dec 2012) back we are ready face the reality of Mayan Calendar. Well I am not going to bore you guys, all the newspapers and tv channels already showcasing, how much we had suffered, in past..

So let's talk about present.. (not future).  The weather is terrible here, too much cold me for me... I m planning to work half-day on New Year and as soon as I left the office I'll picked up our favorite food and gonna enjoy with family.

I like this family tradition to stick with each other on special days.. hanging around with friends is good but on an ordinary day... New Years, Birthdays and Festivals seems far more cozy when celebrated with family!!

Here is an image, how I celebrated my first morning of 2015 with my family, looking at the birds, greenery, clear water and wandering around nature.. 

Here is my look for today..

Have a nice, peaceful and gorgeous 2015 ahead :)

Thanks for reading :)