Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adam's Bridge (Rama Setu) and Dhanushkodi

Adam's Bridge also known as Rama's Bridge or Rama Setu (in Hindi), one the popular mythology tale in India, seems more real than ever! It is a chain of limestone shoals, between between Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, situated at the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, to the Mannar Island, northern coast of Sri Lanka.

According to the Geological evidence, the bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka and according to religious tales this bridge was made by Lord Rama with his ape army to reach Lanka and rescue his wife, Sita. Due to this popular Ramanyana tale the bridge is still known as Rama Setu. 

The bridge is about 18 miles long and sea area is very shallow, being only 3 ft to 30 ft deep in places. As reported in the temple texts that, the bridge was easily passable on foot until it broke in a cyclone in AD 1480. 

(Floating stone exhibit near Rameshwar Temple)

The Ramayana attributes the building of this bridge, naming it as 'Setubandhanam'. Other names of the bridge by different cartographer are: 'Sethusamudram' (Sea of the Bridge), 'Ramancoil' (Rama's Temple), 'Sethubandha', 'Sethubandha Rameswaram', 'Set Bandhai (Bridge of the Sea) etc. 

The other name 'Adam's bridge' was prepared by a British cartographer in 1804, referring to an Abrahamic myth, according to which Adam used the bridge to reach a mountain (identified with Adam's Peak) in Sri Lanka, where he stood repentant on one foot for 1,000 years, leaving a large hollow mark resembling a footprint.

Adam's Bridge starts as chain of shoals from the Dhanushkodi tip of India's Pamban Island and ends at Sri Lanka's Mannar Island. Here I would like to share a fact about 'Dhanushkodi' (end of the bow) is a ghost town at the south tip of Pamban Island of the Tamil Nadu, India. According to the story, after rescuing Sita successfully lord Rama broke the bridge with one end of his bow. And from where He broke the bridge the area named after that incident Dhanushkodi or 'end of the bow'.

The Dhanushkodi railway line running from Pamban Station was destroyed in the 1964 cyclone with over 115 passengers drowned in the sea. Before the 1964 cyclone, Dhanushkodi was a flourishing tourist and pilgrimage town. Sri Lanka is just 19 miles away, there were many ferry services between Dhanushkodi, India to Talaimannar, Sri Lanka, transporting travellers and goods across the sea. Altogether, over 1,800 people died in the cyclonic storm. All dwellings and other structures in Dhanushkodi town were marooned in the storm. Following this disaster, Government declared Dhanushkodi as Ghost town and unfit for living. Only a few fisherfolk now live there.

In Dec 2004 just before the arrival of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that struck South India, the sea around Dhanushkodi receded about 500 metres (1,600 ft) from the coastline, exposing the submerged part of the town for a while. This rare event was witnessed by the local fishermen.

So back to Rama Setu on a more scientific note. There are two main theories explain about the fact about the evolution and origin of this structure. One considered it to be formed by a process rising of the land, while the other explained that it was formed during the drift of Sri Lanka from the Indian mainland. The Geological Survey of India concluded that the dating of corals that Rameswaram Island evolved beginning 125,000 years ago.

So is Rama Setu already exists when Rama reached there or Lord Rama build that?? Anyhow this bridge is important for both, Mythological and Science geeks... if you can then do visit the area and experience the aura by yourself :) 

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Food and Health

Happy Saturday guys :)

Its been a crazy week, work stuff, studies, fitness, change in weather, cold and fever, 2 lengthy meetings and as if its not enough, I already have a meeting scheduled for sunday... wow November 3rd week is certainly a hit!

I was talking to my mom other day about my busy schedule and lack of energy and she gave me the most common tip of all time, eat well and stay healthy (good mind needs healthy body)... For a couple of minutes it seems pretty common but later when I thought about it I said (to myself), Why not, lets do it... 'challenge accepted' lets try to add more veggies, fruits and whole grains in my regular diet..

So today I am going to share few healthy ideas that I tried recently to keep myself healthy and fit and well prepared for the season...

1) Roasting vegetables is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more of healthy veggies into your daily and weekly menu. It is also one of the tastiest. Try to include at least one sweet vegetable (beet, carrot, sweet potato) for the flavour. 

2) If you are a kind of person who don't like salad, try to sprinkle with dried cranberries, sliced dates, any nuts of your choice or your favorite cheese, to add the fun in the otherwise healthy recipe.

3) You don't like green juice, its ok try to make it tasty add fruits like pomegranates, beats, oranges, honey or lemon to make green juice healthy and fun. All you want is to enhance the taste right... :)

4) You got the veggies in the soup but for you soup will always be a side dish.. Add whole grain bread sticks with soup to make it more full. You can have different flavours of sticks to go with the soup!!

5) Try to add fresh food items.. its not healthy or tasty to eat frozen peas; same goes with the tomatoes or bananas... don't stock up your fridge for 7 days try to buy fruits and vegetable at least 2 times in a week. This would motivate you to eat the correct amount of portion too. 

6) If you can't leave your favorite food then try to pick one day for adding or subtracting particular food type.. Ex. Go for the Meatless-Monday or Tofu (on) Tuesday. 

7) Dedicate your busiest day to veg dishes. There are many recipes that take less than 30 minute to prepare (including cooking time). Would share few 'quick' veg recipes in the other blog post! 

Till then Happy weekend :) And thanks for reading!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Fitness :)

Happy Weekend everyone :) Today I met my former trainer, who is in town for 3 days and I arranged a meeting with her to plan my fitness routine. I was super excited to see her. She gave me this list of diet plans and a fitness program according to my work routine. 

To update my daily activity routine real quick... I didn't work out in 5 months. Yep, I last went to gym in June, that time my ankle got twisted and the physiotherapist recommended to slow down. On top of that, I was practically busy every single day (even sundays) from about 9 a.m. morning to 8 p.m evening. I was doing my studies, job and whole lot of stuff together. I could barely function after work because I was so exhausted. So I quit.. 

Stuck into my working schedule, fitness was truly the last thing on my mind and by then, I had zero motivation. I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person that needs as little obstacles as possible in order to stop a workout routine. Yes I am not a fitness freak, I am an ordinary person who needs to be fit but need someone to hover around too so I can stay committed.

But lately I gave myself a break and remembered that in my priorities list 2014, fitness use to be on top five. So what happen if I have no trainer right now, I m still a member of a gym, I still have all the gears at home, I can always try, even if I start with zumba for 5 min, or 15 min yoga, or 10 min brisk walk or anything. As we all know, a healthy mind needs a healthy body :)

So from today, I started my fitness program again. I started with good intentions and promised myself to back up in the healthy zone.  I really hope I will continue on this track. Even four days a week of workouts is a good start for me!

The 3 fundamentals whenever I start my fitness program

1) Log on to myfitnesspal and make an account to update your regular calorie count.
2) Set realistic goals and stick to it (at least try)
3) Don't hurt or starve your self

Here is the plan... :) 

Plan #1) I am going to Exercise at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes to lose weight. Cardio exercise is what burns fat (anything that gets your heart rate up) and burns calories. I am going to exercise on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Pick your days according to your routine.

Plan #2) Stick to Exercise Schedule.. remember If you have time to read this blog and I have time to write this post... we have time to work out!

Plan #3) Listing Food Items: My Healthy Food List includes:

Whole grains- bread, pasta, tortillas, wraps, oatmeal etc.
Vegetables- every single vegetable. I especially like spinach, lettuce, cucumber, peas 
Nuts- In moderation because they're high calorie despite their nutritional benefits

Fruits- every single fruit. I especially like apples, strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, pomegranate etc.
Pulses: every single
Dairy– skim milk, light cheese, yogurt 

Avoid oils and classic fat

Just a note: I started juicing lately and its good.. fresh (green or fruit) juice at home is the key according to me :)

Plan #4) I never cut off entire food groups or my favourite foods completely. The more forbidden something is, the more you'll crave it. So try to pick healthy ingredients for your favorite recipes :) 

Plan #5) I need to drink more water, I hardly drink 6-7 glass per day, during winters it get worse. As odd as it seems, the more water you drink, the more water weight you'll lose.

Plan #6) Weighing myself once a week just to keep the weight track... If your machine shows the same weight after three workouts, don't need to dishearten cause being healthy is not a miracle, you need to keep doing it.. :) 

We can do it.. I know we can.. just stick with me for more updates

Thanks for reading :)


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Treasure Beads, DIY Jewelry Storage

As promised, here’s a post for those who wanted to see a handmade jewelry display and collection. I use to make these little craft items by myself but lately I was got busy into stuff.. so I thought to introduced one of my friend's 'Handcrafted Jewelry and DIY project'. 

'Treasure Beads' wear the magic... is an online showroom/exhibition where you can find Necklace, Bracelets, Earrings, Anklets etc. No more searching all over the internet; I am going to put all of my favorites in one convenient post!

Before I introduced, actual Treasure Beads collection, let me share few ideas; how to keep your jewelry safe...

DIY Lace Trim Hair Clip/Earring Holder

DIY Jewelry Display Tree

DIY Jewelry Branch

DIY Dangling Chain Earring Display

DIY Bottle Bracelet Display

DIY Simple Frame Jewelry Holder

(all the credit goes to the creators, I am sharing for reader's interest)

Now about Treasure Beads (Owner: Archana Gupta Mahajan). The best thing about Treasure Beads is the jewelry is handmade and its quite unique. It is sort of custom made jewelry where you can find Indian traditional touch, elegant westernized jewelry, trendy and modern collection all together.

These pieces are so charming that I don't have proper words to describe them. I'm simply sharing few picture here.

To be honest, my post didn't do the justice.. Treasure Beads have lot to offer, check the link for more information and stay fabulous!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My First Youtube Video

I like be more productive and creative than I was yesterday, yestermonth or yesteryear. Be it a party preparation, DIY project or anything, I always try to give my best. I really got some wonderful comments on my blog posts and/or on my writings, so I decided to make it to the new level. 

I was actually happy with my blog, it is in a good shape. I am posting more often (from this month) and I have made a goal to do at least 2 posts in a week. But as we all know, we have to step up and do the unpredictable. Although I have many faithful readers but I wanted to explore more, so I did a video today.

Video is a superb way to interact with my readers. I never thought to have a video until yesterday when one of my friend and a dear reader Adam asked me that he wants to listen the post in my voice. And the reason he gave was wonderful, "If I hear your voice just for ones, every time I read your post, your voice will be there in my mind and I can actually imagine you, during your shopping or being on any nature adventure." 

It's true when I read someone's blog, I always wanted to hear that post in his/her voice, so I thought to give it a shot.. I think through this and I have only two things in my mind... am I going to hurt anyone through my video... ANS: NO! am I going to hurt myself... ANS: NO! 

I also thought about the possibilities... On the negative side: people won't like my voice/accent (IT'S OK I CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE), I am not going to look good on the video (IT'S OK I AM NOT AN ACTRESS, I AM JUST A GIRL NEXT DOOR), people may think I am funny (IT'S GOOD TO GIVE SOMEONE A CHANCE TO LAUGH). On the positive side: people may appreciate my effort, people may like my video and demand for more, I may able to connect my readers...  

So I decided to do the video and I do keep it short. I was a one take video for which I want to thank my brother Vikram... My First Youtube Video Click on the link and beware I repeated a word 'AND' more than needed and yes its annoying but hell it's me and its my first video so its ok.

(just a cute thumbnail from the video)

I hope you all going to encourage me for my new hobby.. Thank you for reading :)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Python Rescued by Wildlife SOS

Hi Everyone, taking a break from the regular post, this post is dedicated to the great efforts shown by WILDLIFE  SOS Team.. I would say one thing, if you can be friends with animals, you can do wonders in life.. W/L SOS is one organization which always make me proud...

So here is the news;

14 ft Python rescued from the Air Force Station Security Agra by three members of Wildlife SOS team at midnight, on November 10th. The rescuer Shakir, helper Karamvir in the supervision of manager of Wildlife SOS facility Agra, Baiju Raj MV rescued the python which was stuck on a ten foot high wall.

In a risky and daring rescue operation, trained rescuers from the conservation charity organisation Wildlife SOS, rescued the python from the high security wall of Air Force Station. The wall was covered with very sharp razor blade fencing for the security purpose, which further trapped the animal. The poor animal may die there untangle, if the team won't reach on time.

The python had accidentally climbed the wall and was trapped in the razor wire fencing and would have been torn to shred by the razor sharp blades by the fencing, if Wildlife SOS team won’t save the animal. It was a challenging mission for the team. During the rescue mission team too the extreme caution to mind their own safety as well as that of the python. 

Finally, after several hours of working gently, team were able to get the snake into a safe transport container. The rescue team also got some scratches from the fencing while rescuing the python. Currently the rescued snake is under treatment at the rescue facility. 

The python rescued from the Agra Air Force station has got some cuts from the razor blades and currently it is under treatment at the Wildlife SOS hospital. Once the snake has recovered from its injuries, it would be release in the wild.

In the words of Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder, Wildlife SOS: There is a need for us to respect the biodiversity around us. Pythons are feared because of their large size, however they are completely non venomous and often killed due to human ignorance. They are an endangered species and have the same level of protection as the tiger under Wildlife Protection act 1972.”

Being a wildlife enthusiast.. I always welcome people and ideas by which we can conserve our nature/animals :) If you encountered any animal in need, try to help it or call on W/L SOS Hotline number, 9871963535 (For India) or visit WILDLIFESOS.ORG for more info..

Thank you for reading :) 


Sunday, November 9, 2014


I haven't done a home decor post in awhile... When I was a teen, I had this crazy idea one day that I was going to be an interior decorator... currently I am working as a media correspondent and also working to spread awareness about the ENVIRONMENT (I love my job by the way)

But, I use my blog to write about things I love to do and in this particular post I m going to share few ideas... if you have something to share please leave your comments below :) 

I am one of those people that definitely prioritizes having a home that is nice and well-decorated. Bare walls, mix matched furniture and no color scheme always disinterest me. I use to search home decor blogs/magazines/videos before (I still do but very little). The problem with online videos or pictures is, when we look at the homes done by the random decorator, that it's so difficult (at least in photos) to imagine the home as your own.

So I read this much stuff in past few years and here is what I can conclude for Home Decor Tips..

Tip 1) Try to pick pieces that are simple and clean...  We don't own any really expensive furniture in our home, but whatever we pick, need to be elegant. Our coffee table for example is the simple table, made of black marble and top cover is glass.

Tip 2) Picture frames, vases, throw pillows and other accessories can make a better statement instead of the heavy furniture that give a castle kind of look. Having said that, I also don't favor the uber-modern space ship look either. I think if you are buying furniture online you should try Pepperfry or UrbanladderHamesha could be use for traditional and unique items.

Tip 3) A lot has been said and written about color selection for walls – furniture, wall decor, artifacts, lighting play a critical role. If you do not intend to change the rest, then it is wise to choose a color that blends well with everything else. Choose wisely to make your home a 'happy home' :)

Tip 4) Use colorful and eco-friendly Indian textiles for decoration. Example, for cushions try; Bandhini aka tie-dye, Kantha - embroidery and textile treatment, woven textile Kilim.. pick your options!! 

Tip 5) Most of us face a metal block similar to writer’s block when it comes to decorating blank areas in our homes. One of the best ways to brighten up any space is to display hand-picked pieces of art. Plants and/or flowers can also do the magic.

Tip 6) DIY (Do it Your-own) is the best way to bring life in any house. Use craft or anything to brighten up the space with your own taste :) Like these,

Thanks for reading :)


A little disclaimer: I don't think my house is superior in furniture or decor style. I like our home and think we have arranged things nicely. These are just suggestions, ultimately you have to decorate your home in your own way!