Thursday, July 24, 2014

Israel vs Palestine! Army vs Civilians!

Sixteen March 2003. A twenty-three-year-old American girl named Rachel Corrie had been standing in front of bulldozers in the town of Rafah, Gaza. She expected that her standing in front of Israelis bulldozers could stop forces to reach towards Palestinian homes. She was working on an academic peace project in Gaza. During her project she realized that whatever the Israeli forces doing in Palestine, is wrong. Apparently not to her hopes. Bulldozer crushed her and moved forward.

For few people it could be just another story, people will read it and forget about it with time. It is rather easy for outsiders to see the conflict in Gaza as something happening far away, the victims, the killings, true/false stories. People chose to stand with Gaza, others chose to stand with Israel and others are neutral cause bombs and missiles are not pointed towards their home.

It's true that wars kill civilians, damage homes and scar lives. Civilian deaths are an unavoidable tragedy. People ask me do you support Hamas? I say I support peace. My heart cries when I see small children without head or without hands, lying on the ground. I live in India, I can easily close my eyes and let it go cause I m too far from the blood bath, but how can I? Its not about who stands for whom, the real question is what are we losing? Is this fight can accomplish anything? Is the suffering of handicaps, children and women worth anything?

Documents give different story for different sides, I have a map to share, Israel supports may not accept this. But a person who helps to give Freedom to My Country, Mahatma Gandhi quoted that: “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs... Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home”. I believe in his words!

When we check the history it is true that Palestine belongs to Arab, and Jews resettled their after world wars, but even if its not true, even if you consider Palestine as part of Israel, is it human to kill others just because they don't practice the same religion as yours? Right now Israelis eating popcorn and counting how many they have killed so far. Is this what Jews are proud off! Do Jewish brothers want their (self claimed) land after killing the entire Muslim population? 

A person told me, Palestine using children as shield. Do one thing, go outside burn a small area and try to throw your children in that fire! I'm sure you'll cry with the mere thought and you are accusing Palestinian parents for using children. Ha! Try to have a motherly heart and you'll see, a mother can kill herself before seeing her children die like this. 

This post is endless but I have tears in my eyes to see how humanity crying for help and how other nations being stagnant, deaf, dumb and blind! If this is the end of the world, I m happy that I still have care and respect for humanity in my heart!


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PS: I can't use pictures of mutilated bodies of little kids, my soul didn't permit to use them for a post! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kashmir: A solution with negotiation

"As a first step to begin peace I appeal to the government of India and Pakistan that its forces from Kashmir (as a practical way) should called back."

Now after reading my first sentence many of you started judging me and thinking sentences for striking me down. First of all I want to disclaim that all the thoughts are personal and I came to this solution after talking to few people who know how to respect Humanity. I am in favor of freedom of Kashmiris, why because everyone have a birth right to be FREE at least in India. I understand that governments of both nation Pak and India do not want any kind of isolation. This post might help you to think for a different solution. 

Solution talk: Killing innocent people, be it Muslim or Kashmiri Pandits is not good for India or Pakistan. When we sit in our drawing room after dinner that time we can't imagine that a family in Kashmir going to sleep hungry because of 3 days curfew. Or how would you feel that whenever you go out to buy vegetable few army officer keep an eye on you from one corner to another. Worst tell me your feeling when you sleep in night and next day you see your neighbour's house is burning on the basis of suspicion.

Security is necessary, everyone needs to protect their house and city and country but how can a Kashmiri trust an army person if they hurt (hurt is rather a miniscule term, people reported army killed and raped too) them rather protecting them? I have a facebook account which is open to all, people can comment there and few nasty people come to my wall just to say Muslims are terrorist! They say all the Muslims are terrorists, and with this attitude you want to grab a portion of Kashmir where Muslim population is more than 70%. 

A fellow Kashmiri told me we have no problem to stay friends with Indian Muslims/Sikh/Christians as they don't mock us but we can't stay friends with Hindus. Controlling someone and making them slave is not 20s philosophy, people might use it in 13 or 14 centuries, now things are different. 

Irony is everyone support that Kashmir should remain as a part of India but when a Kashmiri come to Delhi, people see them with suspicion. The truth is you can't control people, you can only win their heart! Once Prashan Bhushan Ji (AAM AADMI PARTY) gave a solution for referendum, I think its a brilliant idea, asking people what they want, negotiate with them, giving them proper respect; Yes proper respect which they deserve even though they want to live with or without Indian tag! Make them realise that we want all good for Kashmiris and we consider them as brothers and sisters not like an alien. But still if they don't want to be with us (I know its gonna hurt few people) I support their FREEDOM demand too. 

Its high time that we should talk for peace! Thank you so much for reading, if you liked it I m very much grateful, if you don't I can understand! 


PS: On a lighter note; Kashmir is still a part of India, all the corruption there (just like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, AP, MP) is the proof... :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY of "Mugdha Says"

3 years; from last 3 years I have been decorating this blog with several colors. My readers received Political posts, relationship posts, fitness post, food posts, travel posts and what not on this blog! In all my endeavours I got tremendous support of my readers.. sometimes I left (by chance of course) typos and grammar incorrect, thank you all for never mentioning it :)

I cherish the moment when someone recognise me for my blog post and say it out loud in public.. that moment brings such a sweet pride that I can't scribe in words! Although I love all my posts but I have a special place in my heart for these anniversary posts! To check my previous work, to know how much I grew along with my blog, the idea gives me so much writer's satisfaction.

If I ever write a book on my life (openly-hidden plan), in that book I probably share the drafts of my posts which I started writing but some how drop the idea soon. Those posts were so close to me that I didn't dare to share with all.. being a writer one thing is God gifted that we can write about our problems, passion and happiness and keep it safe in a shelf or these days in a laptop.. :) 

While writing this post, I'm reading my older posts and living in a magical time.. in this post I want to thank BLOGGER.COM for giving me a platform to share my dreams and thoughts. I joined Twitter and BLOGGER.COM almost at the same time (June and July 2011) and since then trying to make a stable place for myself in this "forever changing" world!

Will continue my journey like this :) with the support of my family, friends, followers and all the loved ones :) God bless you all! 

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