Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Favorite Hindi Songs

Few days ago one of my Reader "Kajal Ahuja" ask me to do a post related with music. I m not a singer or musician (although I want to play guitar someday.. sigh!!) so I decided to write a list of my favorite numbers. This post will be more appealing for Indian Music Lovers. I may do a similar post for other songs like english/golden era (bollywood)/music videos in coming future :) The best 10 Hindi songs of 90s till now (Not in particular order).

There are two latest songs in my list; although I don't like current numbers but these two may be due to music or lyrics become my favorite. It was so hard to pick these particular songs and I may left few very good options. Tell me if you like any song from my list!!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"And the Mountains Echoed" My Review

Ok first of all don't judge me for a late review, I have had a lot in my plate since I read this one.

Book Details: And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Date I Purchased this book: 06/09/2013
Date I Finished this book: 14/1/2014

Like two other books, Hosseini is an excellent storyteller. Great with words and produces images that flow like poetry. The story is touching, emotional and speaks of life's hardships and the difficult choices one must make. Deeper than that, it speaks of how the choices you make now may have a ripple effect- or echo- over time. If you don't happen to shed a tear at some point while reading, you're heartless. He captures your emotions from the very first page and he does this very well, as he did in his other novels. You find yourself transported to 1950's Afghanistan where you smile, cry, and feel pity right alongside the unfortunate characters in this book.

I was comparing this book to his previous two books too often. And let's face it, they were amazing. And this book is incredible in its own right, too. So, I tried to view this as its own book (which it most certainly is) and forget I had ever read the other two and that this was the first time I was experiencing Hosseini. Hosseini tried something different with "And The Mountains Echoed" and that was incorporating a slew of different characters as opposed to just two, like he did in his last two books. Some people could have opposed to dedicating whole chapters to them, such as Markos and Thalia's story and also the Bashiri cousins. Even though these characters were unique in their own way and provided food for thought regarding their plights.

There are many stories within this one story. The characters are intertwined, although many will never realize that they are. Regarding the writing style, the book spanned over several generations and then spoke in the first person from the point of view of different characters from the next generation which got confusing at first, especially as he jumps between past and present. Furthermore, he squeezed in another subplot towards the end of the book (with Iqbal and the commander) and it came off sounding short and incomplete. This format Hosseini used left a lot of open ends and a kind of longing, leaving the reader unsatisfied. 

What have I learned from this book?
We (the human race) have (mostly) good intentions. But we (mostly) do not follow through. We soothe ourselves. We convince ourselves. We justify our actions. Or our lack of actions. We have an "out of sight, out of mind" way of thinking. It's a human flaw. And sometimes it has consequences that we cannot comprehend. 

I really enjoyed this book. I didn't love it in the same way I loved the previous two, but I loved it still. 

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

March shopping haul!!

I've been through a bit of a rough week and have spent most of it either working all through the night on articles or sanctuaries trips for photography. Was also working on new blog designs and social media strategies so the week went by quickly. Well today not actually the day but the evening became fresh when I rolled around in market with my bestie. We headed out for grocery shopping but ended up having cappuccino at CCD and lots of shopping!! Spending a lot more of my savings than I initially intended to. Lets take a look at march haul.

These two cute kurtas are from Biba. I like these plain kurtas specially the pink one with self print. 

This purple adidas wiggle top is another best purchase; material is soft and wrinkle free, with long easy sleeves. Just wow!!

Also picked this forever aloe scrub, tried it and can recommend it for oily skin... once in week and you are good for summer :)

Another marvellous piece which i purchased lately is this SAMSUNG galaxy core! Will update more about it :) in one word, its 'cute'

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Friday, March 14, 2014


2:55 am: My mind spins, telling me stories, talking of hope. Leading me down towards the endless possibilities. And light begins to break through the darkness!!

A residue of hope and shimmering layers !
Amidst the calamity and ruin 
and crystal tears !!
life beaten down by the bitter cold ! 
A frosty shell
has been formed !!
Vulnerability of faith 
Somewhere it resides !
Perhaps in a far off spring 
A ray of warmth will realized !! 
The buds olove and happiness 
That will bloom in the light of compassion 
A new season will come and lay !
The ceaseless winds that circle the earth 
Never to find its home 
Frozen, I wait 
For the promise of a new day !!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Women in my life!!

Be it studies, career or social life! I find the acceptance, support and lessons from my parents on every single event.. their words were and still are perfect.. to the point and essential for continuous growth. Whatever I m or will be I could never get it without their support! But today I want to give a heartfelt thanks to my MOTHER the only perfect woman I can think of! This post is dedicated to her and all the women in my life without their friendship, love and care I could do nothing!!

My mother and I have a special relationship, it’s perfect, we have a bond that goes much deeper than any other relationships. I'm princess of my father, the best friend of my brother but my mother’s place in my heart is different, and that makes her the most important woman in my life. May be I can't describe it in words but she is the best gift God gave to me!!

Another woman in my life with whom I can connect not only mentally but spiritually. I spent the earliest years of my life with my Grand-mother (maternal). From the age of 6 month to 8 years, I live with her, eat with her and travelled with her. She is my first mentor and my first friend! Even now at age of 26 I can talk about all my problems and I know she has all the solutions! We talk about Indian economy and possible PM candidate, we talk about Pope and Dalai lama, we talk about cardigans and how to make the best gazar ka halwa.. all in all we talk about anything and everything!

Now writing names in Alphabetical order but I have equal love and respect for all of you!! I want to thank all the special women/girls of my life... Kanika, Pooja, Purbasha, Sadaf, Shraddha, Swati and Urvashi!! If you could see it from my eyes you would know you are one gem of a Woman! HAPPY WOMEN's DAY to ALL of you :)

You deserve only the best and may you find it,
may your dreams come true and your spirits soar!!
May you find happiness in all the right places,
and may it last forever more!!!

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