Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Decor With Plants

Bring On the Green: Decorating home with Indoor Plants is well known taste in interior decoration field.  Lot of people trying to have the best look of living room before festive season. The idea is to give the home a fresh look. So Paint, check. Art pieces, check. Furniture, check. Plants? 

Yes plants... Whether it be the uber-popular fiddle leaf fig, succulents, air plants, indoor palm, hanging plants, or tabletop gardens, adding a little greenery is definitely on trend. The personal touch you want to give to your home can be succeed by adding flowers and plants as decoration. It is the perfect way to have beauty and warmth of the green space within reach. Plants are one of the most multi-purpose things we can bring into our homes. They improve our air quality, bring color and life to a space, and sometimes even provide us food or flowers. They're also great for decorating an empty corner or an open space.

Style you pick: Decide what is your style of decor and where you want to put the plants before selecting plants. 
  • Modern, contemporary styles furnishing will look best with sleek, clean-lined plants; frilly, feminine ferns work well with Victorian decor etc.
  • If you want to group a number of plants together for added impact, be sure you select plants that have similar light and water requirements for the arrangement.
  • Try using plants from the same family. For example, group different ferns together, or use the same plant with different color variations.
  • For a centerpiece, use plants with colorful foliage or blooms.

Decor the Decor: Add pebbles or feathers in or around the pots. Marbles or artificial gems look attractive and boost the colors. You can paint the containers as per your choice for more dramatic effect. Putting the original pots in attractive wooden basket, that will also accent the decorum.

Old-time plant stands are trending again. These intentional collections add such delightful interest and purpose to a space. The plants bring a magical life-energy to the room and help the space feel inviting.

Plants can be use as:
• An indoor sculpture garden.
• A focal point in a place.
• A complement to a sunny nook.
• A surprize element of colors in apartment.
• Creating a colorful backdrop.
• Utilizing non-working fireplace or space below staircase.
• A natural air freshener.

I hope everyone appreciate the presence of plants and their beauty. This year bring plants; bring nature in your life. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sanjhi: Festival of Haryana

Sanjhi (mother goddess) is widely celebrated festival of Haryana, Rajasthan and part of  Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, usually created and worshipped by unmarried girls. The idol or more preciously the image (fixed facing south) of Sanjhi is made by mud and it is molded into various shapes. In some places, the image of Sanjhi is simply painted on the wall. These shapes includes stars, moon, sun and face of the goddess etc. Sanjhi created on the first day of the moon in Kartika month. 

This art is quite unique and ancient. The images of Sanjhi is said to be equal as Durga, Uma and Katyayani, Sarka Devi is mainly worshipped in these days. Many interpretations exist, about Sanjhi. First is Sanjhi is daughter of Vishwakarma, the divine architect and wife of the Sun god. She is also the mother of twin Ashwins. Another leagend says Sanjhi is Sanjhya, the mind born daughter of Brahma. People also says Sanjhi is the pictograph drawn by Krishna to please Radha.

In the recent past, people have tried to keep this ancient festival alive, the celebrations of Sanjhi encouraged the folk art and music. There are some other rituals observed by girls during the 9 days of Sanjhi festival. Devotional songs are sung just after dusk. Lighted earthen lamps (diyas) are held by adolescent girls who assemble around Sanjhi. They sing chorus songs, that are centuries old, to please the goddess.

some songs of the Sanjhi festivals are: 

1) Sanjhi sanjha he kanagat parle paar,
dekhan chalo he sanjha ke lanihar!

2) Meri sajhi ke oor chhor, phool rahi kawain!

On the tenth day of Dassehra, the images, from the walls, are scratched and removed and kept inside a small earthen vessel, which has several holes at the bottom. In the evening, the girls lit small diyas inside their respective earthen vessels float it in the village pond.

PS: Pictures are not mine and post is based on the knowledge given by people of Haryana