Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lets Start Fresh: Join the Hands

An old saying goes... A speck of dust is enough to create a sand storm!
India~the seventh largest country in the world , the second largest in population, one of the most recognised countries for its cultural and historical legacy has always had a problem., a real set back that hurdled its progress ever since its independence and is shaking the foundations of this great democracy even today- 

yes u guessed it right! its dirty politics!

there were days when the sky was covered with dark clouds devouring light..there were days when the politicians sucked the sources of this country..Not anymore!! Now the sun will shine and the youth of this great nation shall redeem the past glory of India to make it the best nation in the world..

Ask not what your country has done for you..see what u can do for ur mother land.. Need is join our hands and clear up this devouring threat of corrupt and unjust political society! Lets live for the country!!

Now the question is what we can do. First of all stop being a part of any kind of Riot. Participation in Democratic ideas and intellectual debates is necessary. We as a citizen of a great nation should involve in import matter a part from momentary delights (do not want to touch this topic for now).

As we know democracy is rule by laws. When laws do no exist or where existing laws are irrational and imprecise, democracy is weakened.  These days the interpretation and application of these laws are influence by several sets of corruption and democracy degrade. One person thought (latter convert into a group or most popular term is team) about Janlokpal bill. Now I know many people didn't like the idea of it (lets not touch this topic either.)

The Janlokpal bill should not be confused with any anti corruption law. It is more about independent investigating agency, enforcing the SAID law. Where such agencies are under government control they are/will be misused not only for personal but for political gains as well. 


The issue of black money, corruption, breaking law and order are three different name of same problem. Spreading false views, creating riots are the biggest threat to society and influence many minds. 

India is a free country now we need to change the politics as well, we need policy maker, mangers and capacitor as our leader.

We can change the current picture of our nation because we have the capacity to change.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Holy River Ganga; Gangotri Experience

The Himalayas, respected as the abode of the enlightened, have been a destination of great importance for spiritual seekers across the world. These imagistic mountains have been illuminating the seekers of health, peace and spirituality with new energy, enthusiasm and charm. As a result, millions of people around the globe have always felt a deep affinity for these sacred mountains.

Gangotri  is a Hindu pilgrim town located in north at  Kashi  district of  uttrakhand state of India. It is in grater Himalayan range, at a height of 3,415 m. Gangotri is the origin of Indian holy river “ganga” and in the one of the site of chardham pilgrim circit of hindus in india.The river is called “Bhagirathi”, but onwards devprayag where it meets alaknanda it is called “ganga”. The origin of river is “gaumukh” which is 19 km away from gangotri in Himalayan glacier. There is a single day travel to reach gangotri from near by popular locations like rishikesh, haridwar, yamunotri and dehradun. Compare to the yamunotri, gangotri  has a good accessibility of bus, car and other transporting facilities. Gangotri is centerd by the temple of gange built by the nepali general “amarsingh thapa” in the early 18th century. The temple is under supervision of 'semval' family of pujaries and the aarti ceremony of the temple is quite impressive.

Gangotri is a northest most part of uttrakhand and very near the “indo-tibbetian” border. It is approximately 300 km from Dehradun, 250 km from Rishikesh and 105 km from Uttarkashi. Because of the freezing cold in most of the part of year, the temple’s door are only opened at months may to August for the tourists.

Why Ganga is also called by Bhagirathi ?  

According to the old legend and ancient says, the ganga is a result of reward given by lord “shiva” to the king “bhagirath” for his penance. However, due to her pride, and the fact that the earth would be devastated if Ganga came down in her full force, Lord Shiva caught her in his locks The sacred stone near the temple denotes the place where Ganga first came down to earth. This is why Ganga is also called by the name of Bhagirathi.

Our Part of Story:

We start early around 6:00 in the morning from our resort Narayana, Rishikesh. It was wonderful to see sunrise in mountains and We really enjoy the moment. We have our tea and breakfast somewhere near Narendranagar and then keep riding. It was so beautiful and calm, the whole experience can divert your attention from other worldly things. We drive slowly and occasionally stop to feel the nature & have some snaps.

We cross Chamba, Tehri, Dharasu and reach Uttarkashi around 2 P.M. In between we took several breaks and done more photography. In Uttarkashi we fill our tank as they said there may not be Petrol pump ahead (and they were right). Harsil was 72 KM from Uttarkashi and we had around 4 hour before getting dark. Hence we start without any delay for Harsil around 2:30 PM. The road from Uttarkashi was very good up to some KM but thereafter the road was horrible in some of the places. We reach Bhatwari and the road was really getting worse than ever in some areas. 

Though the road was in very bad shape but the view surrounding was amazing. We were surrounded by the snow cap mountains and we were thrilled. We cross Sukhi top, Sunagar and finally reach Harsil around 5:30 in the evening. It is a very beautiful and peaceful town and the small hotel (don't remember the name now) is also very neat and clean. But we got the problem of water supply. The room rate was a little bit at higher side that is 900/- per night for a small double bed.

After a small meal we set near some bonfire outside and had hot steaming tea. The wind was really chilly outside with temperature nearly 5-6 degree Celsius. But after a full day riding we enjoyed that great moment under the moonlight besides Ganga river with the snow white cap mountain shining surrounding us. After dinner we went to bed early and fall asleep listening to rhyme of Ganga River.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Carpooling: The Eco-friendly Habit

With the rise in population, number of automobile vehicles has increased considerably. In India particularly, the population count is highly alarming at 1.22 Billion. (122 Crore). The life has become very fast and vehicle is a dire necessity for all of us. None can imagine a life without a vehicle.

The main Prime mover in vehicles is the petroleum products like Petrol and Diesel. The motor vehicles work on the principle of Internal Combustion. Hence the exhaust emits gases like carbon-di-oxide and carbon mono oxide. Carbon Mono Oxide is a poisonous gas that is injurious to human and animal health. Excessive vehicles will discharge excessive polluting gases in the air thereby causing environmental pollution. At the same time the enormously hot engines of automobiles emit heat in the air thereby adding up in Global Warming.

In order to control pollution we can adopt the following measures: -
1. Minimise the use of vehicles
2. Switch off the engines while facing a red-light
3. Use only recommended fuel (i.e Compressed natural gas AKA CNG)
4. Use only recommended lubricants in correct volumes
5. Check vehicle for PUC (Pollution under Control)
6. Ensure regular periodic maintenance of vehicles
7. Ensure recommended tyre pressure

We are now entering the era of pollution free driving. Car maker has unveiled the world's first affordable zero-emission car. The car can be easily charged from home (like your cell phone) and will have a range of 100 miles after it is juiced up.

I think all we all need to do some basic actions, that will certainly lower the pollution... What I m contributing in this cause: I m following few practical and workable tips, which can done by anyone if taken with little seriousness and concern for the society and environment..

1. Prudent use of vehicle even if is provided by the company/Govt
2. Car pooling wherever possible
3. Using Public transport wherever possible
4. Tuning of engine regularly
5. Think using cycles or walking for smaller distance

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Union Cabinet on approved the Protection of Women against Any Harassment at Workplace Bill, 2010, that ensures a safe environment for women at work place, both in the public and private sectors, in the organised and unorganized sectors.The Bill, will help in achieving gender empowerment and equality. Domestic help have, however, been kept out of the purview of the proposed law that also proposes a fine of Rs. 50,000 if found violating the provisions of the law.

The move will contribute to realization of their right to gender equality, life and liberty, and equality in working conditions everywhere. The sense of security will improve women's participation in work, resulting in their economic empowerment and inclusive growth.

Is it solving the problem? Are we aware that we are making NATIONAL SHAME DAY, while Harassing innocent girls and women around us.

The lives of millions of women in India are circumscribed by enforce extreme conditions created by men, many of whom impose their control over women with violence and Harassment. The Senate, already passed many bills, The Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill, The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices (Criminal Law Amendment), Women Protection Bill etc. which prohibits forced marriages, safe working environment, girl child abuse and other.. these bills gives women the right to get their share in inheritance and gives severe punishment to criminals physically harming women with any manner.


Criminal laugh at punishments and fines and keep the morals down.  No clear strategy for implementing these laws has been provided. These reforms will be of little practical benefit until federal and provincial authorities create mechanisms for compensating and rehabilitating victims of gender-based violence. Authorities must establish immediate benchmarks for assessing the implementation of these laws.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Loving and Living City "Mumbai"

The capital of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai has the largest population in India and 6th largest in the world. Mumbai is a conglomeration of seven islands which originally were home to fishing communities. Being the financial and entertainment capital of the country this huge city is humming with life and activity. The major attractions of the city including; Gateway of India, Nehru Planetarium, Essel World, Fantasy World, Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Elephanta caves etc.

In the Mahalaxmi area is Mumbai’s elite racecourse, the Mahalaxmi Racecourse where the rich and famous can be caught enjoying the races. The Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat presents an amazing spectacle of over 5000 men and women beating laundry in almost synchronized fashion. The dhobi ghat is every photographers delight.

The legendary actor Prithvi Raj Kapoor was the inspiration for the establishment of the Prithvi Theatre, which organizes drama festivals and conducts theatre workshops. One can Visit the Theatre and get a glimpse of the scene. Mumbai is famous all over the world for its Bollywood. Film-city is a great place to visit to see some sets of the movies. If you are organised enough to check and see if there is any  Bollywood movie shooting on, then a great chance to see how a film is made and meet  some great actors.

The spectacular Ferozshah Garden is a terraced garden, which sprawls over the Malabar Hill from where you can catch a stunning view of the sun as it sets into the Arabian Sea. In south Mumbai is the Flora Fountain which gets its name from the Greek goddess-Flora, originally made from Portland stone in 1864 but now is coated in white oil paint.

Mumbai's Fashion Street rocks.. Chunky jewellery,trendy clothes and colorful footwear welcome you to linking Road in Bandra suburb AKA Fashion Street. A street that give you ample choices to stock up your wardrobe in style.

Mumbai is labelled as ‘the city that never sleeps’ because it has a very vibrant night life. The city has numerous night clubs, discotheques and lounge bars which are frequented by Bollywood stars and the rich and famous, making then even livelier. Visit Mumbai not just for a holiday but also for a cultural learning a city so busy but so alive, a city so populated but so warm and food is just amazing.

Mumbai has every kind of  food you want to try, Try Maharashtrian Sea food or any Indian cuisine, though there are many choices especially road side food stalls……… Try them before you make a remark. Visit Mumbai a city where you can see skyscrapers and slums very close to each other.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monsoon Magic at Home: Decor for Season

Monsoon in India is the season one waits for the whole year. Cool breeze and drizzling all day long really gives a refreshing feeling and makes one’s day instantly. Monsoon is a treat in itself as it brings beautiful scenes and landscape, everything become so fresh and clean...

When the weather is so lovely outside, make a few changes in your home decor as well yo make it refreshing likewise!!

Use light curtains on the windows and tie them with beautiful ribbons, while it give a pleasant look at the same time it will also let the light and air in to improve the ventilation in the room.

Use bright colors for the cushions, as they says its the season of greens and blues.. Use them in dining table mat, pillows, vase and other decorative items. They give a lovely feeling and a wonderful monsoon feel.

Small candles on an end table with a small crystal decoration piece will brighten up the room instantly. They always look elegant and wonderful during the season. Roll up the rugs and keep them safe in a polythene bag to protect them from dampness.

Use few unique lighting arrangements... As Sun might play with clouds, these lamps will give a light effect to the room and brighten the areas... Decorate your walls with small frames and paintings in bright colors to give the room a new look. The colors will give an eye-breaking effect, that's one way to hide the dullness on wall which usually comes during monsoon.

Put some beautiful flowers in vase along with evergreen leaves and scanty wood, which can work as deodorizer. Giving a new decor to your home will change its look altogether and will uplift your mood. :)

Some basic precautions can help you take care of your interiors during monsoon:

Furniture: During rains your wooden furniture needs extra care. Wooden doors & windows are affected by rain & they expand due to the moisture contained in the air. A coat of wood polish can help them retain their luster for a longer period of time. When you get your furniture polished also apply a coat of touchwood on all your wooden furniture to protect them from infestation.

Curtains: In monsoon as sunlight is less so lighter lace curtains will allow maximum sunlight which will remove the damp feeling indoors.

Indoor plants: Indoors plants always add beauty to any space, however, during rains indoor plants will increase the dampness inside. You can put few hanging plants in the balcony or place small potted plants in corners. One can also Frame some simple botanical prints or landscapes and set them up on a bookshelf, bureau, or table top, to get the feel of plants.

PS: Neem leaves in a cupboard or in a book cabinet will help to clear the infestation. Neem leaves comes handy for protecting clothes ina wardrobe as well.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wow! Mugdha Says is 1 year old!

It is rather incredible to believe that, only one year ago, I embark on this blogging adventure, extending my forays into the world of travel, food and environment.. through embracing this world-wide technology (blogging), a new medium through which I could share my love of photography, shared my adventurous trips, and most important of all, able to connect so many people in this beautiful journey..

I had previously shied away from the idea of having my own food blog, not least because there are about a million others out there, many of them being of a such a premium standard that their photographs and articles could have been lifted from the pages of a glossy magazines. But rather than being intimidated by the pro-bloggers, I decided it was better to be inspired by them and to try and find my own way through the blogging medium.

I have been immensely happy by the shape and form which my blog has taken in the past year; I want to say to my subscribers and regular readers, thank you, thank you so much for your time in visiting and reading my blog. It is truly your appreciation which motivated me to further progress... 

So, what has happened in one year?

1) I completed one year of my PhD work
2) Finished my first novel

Finishing a fantasy novel I had been working on since I was in MSc. and it means so much to me I can't even describe it. I'm rewriting Chapter 7; And maybe one day some time soon I'll be asking my fellow bloggers for a book review.

3) Several, several short stories have been completed

I should call my year of blogging, the year of writing as well. As much debating that goes on about whether writer's should even have a blog, I've gotten so much writing done along the way. That's the main reason I started this blog - to overcome writer's block. And you know what? I did. 

4) Met some amazing people along the way

I never thought while blogging I would meet people that have become some awesome blogging friends.

There has been so much change in my blog as well. It started out as a blog strictly about writing about my photography and travel. I have broken the rules many times... but to me it's been worth it. I also changed my blog name from Mugdha's: Maggie Muse to Mugdha Says, While the change in my blog name and subject I have lost me readers, But I know one day they all come back to me.. :)

Whether you are a faithful commenter, a blog stalker who remains comment-less, a stop-by, a collaborater, a co-host, or one of those bloggers who I may never hear from again (even though I appreciated your presence when it was here), thank you for everything you have given me along the way. 

A special thank you to everyone who has stuck with me throughout this entire year, a thank you to the new readers who have just come on board, a thank you to my family who supported me and this time-suck called blogging, and a even greater thank you to my muse (and even my anti-muse) who have inspired me along the way. 

For old times sake, and a step back in blog time, feel free to take a look at my very first blog post ever by clicking this link. Also, make sure to read (if you haven't already) my most popular post ever - a post that received over 4,300 reads (!!!)- called, India: the Land of Feast and Festivals... 

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary!