Thursday, July 28, 2011

Himalayan Expedition :: The Whispering Rocks

Himalaya is a Sanskrit words, meaning "abode of snow", the Himalayan Mountains are home to some of the world's highest snowy peaks. The view of Himalayan Mountain Range is incredible.. I had never seen anything like that. It was also the first time in my life that I saw snow. May 2007.

The Himalayas are well known for stunning natural beauty, many come here from all around the world to view the inspiring scenery. One of the most beautiful places in India surely. Himalayan valley has different varieties of Trees, herbs and shrubs , which appear as a bright Green carpet against the mountainous snow capped peaks of the background.

The beauty and taste of River Ganga; the crystal clear water, the crown of mountain peaks towering protectively, and yet keeping their distance, the soft, abundant grass, the serenity in the atmosphere, even the air seem to speak of magic.

Himalaya; With majestic mountains and lush wild jungles, sacred rivers and lakes, Herbs, tea, spice plantations....... is a home for diverse tribal cultures and abundant wildlife. The range of Himalaya is also a center for many religious places like Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath etc. The culture of the people is welcoming, and the local food, folk music and dance are absolutely astounding.

Himalayas are beautiful and a visit there is quite humbling. The best time to visit the Himalayas is between mid April to May-June. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The story of the N-O-V-E-L

I can’t remember just when I got the idea that I’d write a book. I can’t stretch my memory back to any incident of realization. It’s amazing just how often these lazy, cotton candy daydreams return to me and turn me on. I got more serious about writing during School.

I fell in love with the story I finally created for my novel. But when I went to write it, no words came out. I diligently spent about three months working hours a day—I was only able to write two pages. So I quit. It wouldn't be until five years later in Graduation; when I was reading about a research problem; suddenly something click in my mind; I just shut my laptop off, and waited for something (I can't figure it out about what I was waiting for).

I believed (still do) that the most normal people can accomplish the most extraordinary things (like writing great books and I'm a perfectly normal person). So... it would come... eventually. With my urging of course; to see it with a different angle.

I'm really... really curious to know, how long it really takes for a writer to write a page. Do they simply let their minds wander from one edge to other, from word to word, shifting through the landscape of the desirable situations... the words freely flowing in and out, unconscious, down through the mind, etched in living colors (or black actually on the white page). Or do they slowly knock the words out, painfully, one by one by one...

One day (July) I had a simple idea. I wondered how many words I could write if I were completely untouched from whatever I was writing. And what would it sound like? So I gave myself 15 minutes to sit down at my laptop and grind out as much rubbish as all ten fingers and a bit of my brain would allow...

Guess what... where before I had been able to write only may be 1200 words in 2 frigging months, in 15 minutes I wrote 640. What did it sound like?? Well, it wasn't brilliant, but also... it wasn't bad...

Looking for miles in all four directions, there was nothing to see. No cities. No houses. No people. Availability of affordable land. It was cheap land, but in the middle of nowhere. My pain increase with each passing second, it is perspicuous; the cause of pain is not my wounded leg but may be... may be my heart. I eyed again in all the direction, unable to decide my way... not a single soul there except the bushes boundary, along with the road sides... which covered the ground till the end...

By the time September rolled around I’d easily reached 76 pages. It just kept coming and coming. I finally overcame my fear (to a point) that someone would close the tap or turn off the machine. It just keeps coming...

Looking back... The beginning of the book, started out awfully. But then something happened...

Slowly you figure out how to fit the words to the story, how to balance story elements and raise the pace. After slogging out some ugliness, I found my way...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rain, Coffee and me..

Agra proved to me a surprisingly great city, I am not biased about the home-town thing but it is actually; An interesting old town area, with few great place to visit and lots of good food to try.

Yesterday afternoon, I had another one of those cravings for something sweet and strong. I immediately start up for the nearest cafe.. Order my usual coffee and sit near the big glass window (Wow Rains surely fill colors in surroundings; you just need a right angle to see it).

Coffee arrived. They describe it as smooth, creamy taste, with a touch of caramel toffee. For the most part, I can’t disagree too much with their description.

So, as I m saying the rains begin in full force and I start admiring those tiny droplets on streets, trees, cars, and everywhere possible. In the rain, everything melt, freeze and become more and more beautiful; Fresh. Take it as it is. 'Coffee in Rains' is never ending combination... There is a small piece of writing, Which I want to share;

My sweet beautiful angel.
Sent to me from above.
I am so grateful to have found you,
and I give you all my love.

You must have come from heaven,
because you have pretty little angel eyes.
When you gaze at me with them,
my heart begins to fly.

Your sweet angelic voice,
continuously rings in my ears.
With you by my side,
there is nothing I fear.

Whenever we are together,
You shine with a heavenly glow.
Your beautiful angel face,
raises me up from feeling low.

Yes, heaven is missing an angel,
because you are here with me.
You're my sweet, beautiful angel,
and I'll love you for eternity!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chennai Travellers...

A city of contrasts and diversities, Chennai is the coastal city in South India that is a combination of ancient monuments, beautiful temples and a popular beach that adds heights to the city's attractions.

Dusty, crowded and polluted, Chennai is surely not the one that will attract many at the first glance. However, with a little persistence one can discover the city's innumerable treasures characterized in delectable cuisine, remarkable shopping options and astounding beaches.

Located in the south east part of India, Chennai is one the largest Indian cities and also the capital city of the state of TamilNadu. Featuring a coastline of more than 25 kilometers...

Chennai is a wonderful tourist attraction that is cherished by the visitors from all over the world. Take a look at the various attractions of the city that entices international tourists to grab flights to Chennai....

Apart from holy places and beaches, wildlife is the biggest attraction of Chennai that entices travellers from various parts of the globe to its beautiful shores.
Guindy National Park is a fascinating attraction in the city that appeals to nature lovers. It is relatively a very small national park but it is among the very few that are located inside a city.

Featuring tropical dry evergreen vegetation, the Guindy National Park is home to black bucks, spotted deer, jackals, snakes, more than 100 species of birds, and a number of different invertebrates.
The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a must visit for animal lovers.

Frequented by approximately 700,000 people each year, the park boasts of varied species of wild life. The zoological park is home to different varieties of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.